Anatomical Drawing Custom Datatype (Design Page)


The are Complex Obs in openmrs. Complex Obs Support

How about an "anatomical drawing" custom datatype? There would be selectable "canvases" which would be line drawings of different parts of the anatomy (whole body back and front; hand/arm top/bottom; retinas; etc.). The user could draw on the selected canvas, adding lines (with color), areas (with color and texture), text (boxes and callouts).

Note from Implementation Mission Arogya:

We will like to extend the above requirement with the following two features, if possible:

2. Load images (already drawn) from the desktop in a canvas and then the user could draw/annotate on that image using lines, areas , texts etc.

3. Provide an empty canvas to draw  line drawings and then use tools such as colors, areas, texts, markers, erasers etc to annotate.


TBD by Roger, Ben, or Darius before project starts

Assigned Developer

Pushkar Ravipati

Mentors and Other Interested Parties

Mentor: Ben Wolfe, Roger Friedman

Implemenation Arogya(ArogyaNet) - Contact : Rajib Sengupta. We are very interested for this feature.