Upload and View or Download Image or File in HTMLForm Entry Module

Upload and View/Download Image/File in HTMLForm Entry Module

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Background: It is important to load images or other files (such as Excel spreadsheets generated during EBRT - External Beam radiation Therapy or Brachytherapy based Oncology treatments) with patients clinical record.
We are proposing this project so that, the implementers while developing the HTML Forms using the HTMLForm entry module can provide a file upload button to the data entry user. Consequently, when the user load a file/image while doing data entry for an encounter, those files should be stored in the server so that they are available to be viewed/downloaded by other users.

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Implementation : MissionArogya - ArogyaNet

Rajib Sengupta



Provide a “Tag”, say “Upload File” or “browse” in the HTMLFormEntry module to upload file. It will show up as a button to upload file.


When the data entry user (the clinician), will enter data for an encounter, they will be provided with this button in the form. While clicked on that button, it will open a file explorer pop-up window. The user can go to his/her desktop/network to locate the file and load it. When the file is loaded it can be stored in the database or as a file in the server itself.

3.View or Download:

In the Encounter lists of the Patient add another icon next to the “Edit” and “View” icon as the “File Uploaded” icon. While clicked on that it should open up another UI (or pop-up) with links to all the files that are attached to that specific encounter. WHile clicked on that link, either the file will be opened or can be downloaded.

OR The file link can be inside the HTML Form itself, as a "Link" . WHile clicked on that link, either the file will be opened or can be downloaded.

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