Reporting Web Services and Pentaho Integration Enhancements

Primary mentor

Lluis Martinez

Backup mentor


Assigned to

Sashrika Waidyarathna


Reporting REST web services exposes the reporting module's definitions via REST web services. We would like to leverage this to make it easier for people to use business intelligence tools, like Pentaho, with OpenMRS reporting data.

Actually there is a working prototype of a Pentaho Data Integration plugin for Eclipse, that pulls data from OpenMRS via the reporting REST web services. This plugin uses Eclipse's SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) for the user interface.

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Proposed improvements

Support for listing and evaluating all different kinds of definitions (currently only cohort definition and dataset definition are supported)

  • Support for evaluating an entire report
  • Optionally, to have the ability to queue report requests

The plugin that allows Kettle (aka Pentaho Data Integration) to consume reporting REST services to apply transformations can be improved as follows:

  • User interface should support different types of parameters
  • Add support for more kinds of queries to the reporting REST services

Extra Credit


Reporting module

Reporting REST web services module

Pentaho Kettle

Writing a Pentaho Kettle plugin

PDI plugin for OpenMRS