Save the Children ETC (Sierra Leone)

This page describes development efforts related specifically to the Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone run by Save the Children International (SCI).  This centre is scheduled to open on 5 Nov, 2014, and will have 80 beds.  Initially it will open using paper records, but will transition to an OpenMRS electronic system as soon as possible.  See the main Ebola page for much more information on the development efforts.

Detailed information is included in forms used to collect information:  Paper forms for SCI ETC

The BBC has filmed a walkthrough of the ETC (as of 5 Nov 2014) that gives a good overview of the different rooms, available here.  The patient and data flows are depicted here in powerpoint and pdf formats.


  1. Register a new patient (minimal details or if possible triage form)
  2. Lab request
  3. Manage assigned patient location 
  4. Pharmacy request / prescription 
  5. Discharge / Death forms
  6. Triage form (if not done in step #1)
  7. Inpatient Followup forms
  8. Assessment forms
  9. Clinical patient summary 
  10. Exit form
  11. Lab result
  12. Pharmacy dispensing