Graphic Patient Workflow Tool

2015 GSoC Project Idea

This project is being considered as a potential project for Google Summer of Code 2015. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.
Primary mentorCicero Salomao
Backup mentorPascal Brandt
GSoC studentTBD


The goal of this project is to create a visual (graphical) tool to define the flow of the patient between the different medical encounters of the system. Depending on the info of the patient (existing, new, child, adult, male, female, disease, etc) the system have to decide the path of the patient. Often, this patient flow changes with a certain frequency, for e.g. depending on the available staff or the period of the year.

A graphical tool of patient flow would allow people, with no programming or any other computer science background, to define or adjust the flow of patient with low effort.

Samples / Potential brainstorming ideas

A. Potential patient flow between different hospital systems (HIS to PACS to RIS)


(B) Patient flow from registration to care


  • Good Java skills
  • Good graphic designing skills / willingness to learn
  • Some experience with visual programming platforms / willingness to learn

Project Champions


  • Research and identify a graphical plugin that works with OpenMRS technologies

  • Define the modeling language (symbols and meanings) for patient flow design

  • Implement a subset of mechanisms that change the patient flow behavior based on the outputs of the graphical plugin

Extra credit

  • Graphically present the workflow for each patient based on patient details