IPD Definitions

Goal: Shared understanding of the terms used in inpatient departments and what they mean within the O3 IPD solution.


O3 Functional Definition



O3 Functional Definition


Admission Requests

List / number of patients with a status of waiting for service for this inpatient location



Patient with a status of in-service or waiting for transfer in an queue

Do we need to include visit details here? Like this person has an Active Visit with an Inpatient visit type?

Admitted time

Time since patient status first changed to in-service on an queue during this visit


Time on this ward

Time since patient status changed to in-service for this queue


Transfer Request

Update patient status Waiting for Transfer

Waiting for Transfer queue status

Transfer to Location

Location a patient is moving to

Should one of the Transfer locations be discharge?

Transfer/Complete Transfer

Update patient status to “in-service” on the queue at the Transfer Location


Pending Out

List / number of Patients with a status of Waiting for Transfer for this inpatient location/queue


Transfer elsewhere

Moves patient to another inpatient location/queue


Ward = Location

Ward is the clinical term where a patient receives inpatient services. In the EMR this is the same as a Location tagged as an admission location




Need to define mom/baby relationships to display them on the same card