Create a new form


The OpenMRS Form Builder platform simplifies and partially automates the process of generating user interface forms in OpenMRS 3.

What is the Form Builder?

The Form Builder is found at this address:

The Form Builder is an automation tool/website for auto-generating form schema JSON files which can be later loaded into the Form Engine to auto-create micro-frontend user interface forms.

This means the UI/UX developer does not have to manually create the user interface forms. And any technical/or non-technical person can use the form builder to generate these form JSON files.

How to use the Form Builder


  • Make sure the Google Chrome browse is installed. Any other browser can also be used.

In the address bar, enter the form builder URL: in a new tab)

The main login form will open:



After the login form is loaded, enter all the required details in the inputs:

  • OpenMRS server URL: This is the OpenMRS backend server installation where your concepts are stored.

  • Username: Use the default i.e. admin

  • Password: Use the default i.e. Admin123




With the correct details entered above, the platform will log you in. You will land on the dashboard illustrated above:

Now, click on Create New Form in the top right corner to create a new Form schema.



Clicking the button will land you in the interface shown below. Note the preview and the Interactive Builder tabs.


Click on the Interactive Builder tab to open the builder page shown below:

Click on the Start building text link. and a popup window asking for the form details will show as below:

Enter the form name and form description


Click on create form to create the form.



Click on the add page text link below to add a page to your form


Add the page name in the pop up text box.


Click on the Save button to successfully save the page and proceed.


Next, click on the Add section text link to add a section to your form.

Add the section name in the pop up text box.


Click save to save the section added to form.


Click on Add question text link to add a question to your form.



A question has several metadata which you must add on the popup form entry. These include:

  • Label

  • Question ID: Must be unique

  • Question type

  • Field Type

  • Backing Concept

  • Mappings: Auto generate from concept selected





Click Save to save the question


Click on Preview Form tab to view how the form will look like when rendered.


Click on the Save to save your final form. A popup form entry will appear to allow you enter details that include:

  • Form name

  • Version

  • Encounter Type

  • Description


Finally, the form is ready for adding to the backend for rendering.