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Project Activities Spreadsheet



Cynthia Antwi

@herbert Yiga

  • MVP is ready to be deployed
  • Some infrastructure activities were completed last week to move the application to production and staging
  • Clarification needed from Darius on some other technical issues.
OpenMRS Reference 2.10
OpenMRS Platform 2.3

Documentation Review 2019

GSoD 2019

  • More project details can be found here
  • I managed to schedule a call with the GSoD 2019 Tech Writers and their Mentor Burke,
  • The Meeting was aimed at separating concerns regarding their work but also clear the air about some questions.Advise the Technical writer for refactoring the wiki to develop a guideline on the information architecture
  • No Updates This Week

Front Ends ProjectUpdates every 2 weeks

PM tool


Encourage all Dev stages to do code reviews, its very important

link the wiki page to do code reviews

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