OpenMRS Community

OpenMRS is a global community of dedicated, talented, and generous contributors.

We believe with the coordination of a global community of committed contributors, we can substantially improve the health of underserved populations by enhancing the utilization of health information. We share a common mission, vision, and values to enable broad scale successful use of electronic medical record systems in diverse care settings. 

To help us thrive as a community, we are structured in a way that balances the need for a shared vision, direction, and guidance with contributors' autonomy to pursue innovative solutions to shared problems.

Community Conventions

OpenMRS Teams

OpenMRS Squads

To learn more about technical squads and how they support our product and platform direction, please see our Product Dashboard.

To learn more about non-technical squads and how they support our community engagement direction please see our Community Engagement Dashboard.

OpenMRS Local Communities

OpenMRS is implemented in over 5,500 health facilities in more than 40 countries. As more and more people and organizations implement and maintain OpenMRS in-country, several local communities have come together to share knowledge and collaborate around implementation.