Country and Community Strategic Priorities Connection

At the country level, healthcare workers strive to provide their patients with quality care.

At OpenMRS, we bring together those interested in developing the tech that healthcare workers use to ensure patients get the right, timely, and appropriate care.

What this dashboard does: 

Increases visibility of the community’s strategic community engagement and product direction that have high value for multiple stakeholders. It bridges facility and country-level priorities and where our community is headed, enabling us to collaboratively build solutions with implementers, highlight successes, and guide in-kind or financial investments.

It provides an easy way to see:

  • How the community’s vision and direction aligns with countries' strategic vision and implementer priorities
  • What solutions the community is working on and how these solutions help countries and implementers achieve their goals
  • When, where, and how to contribute

Please see our Product Dashboard and our Community Engagement Dashboard for more detailed information about our direction and projects.

Country-level PrioritiesOur Community's DirectionKey Collaborative ProjectsWhere the Action is in the CommunityOpportunities to Contribute

Sustainable, locally owned solutions

Implementer Experience: Easier to build & deploy a distribution

Plug & Play Frontend ArchitectureMicrofrontends Squad
Senior Development Lead 


Platform & Ref App MaintenanceProject Management Team
Dockerized DeploymentOpenMRS EIP
Improve data collection and access to high quality data

Support use at point of care

Support use of quality data for multiple program areas
User Experience: Improve patient-centered care delivery and give care providers a great user experienceFriendly, Modern UX in Ref App 3.0Microfrontends Squad

Senior Development Lead


Support the continuum of care across sites and borders

Reduce the multiplicity of systems

Data Exchange: Easy, consistent, simplified Data Sharing across systemsHL7 FHIRFHIR Squad

Senior Data Engineer

Technical Product Manager


Analytics Engine Squad

Patient-Level-Indicator Reporting (PLIR) Fellows

Dictionary ManagementDictionary Manager Squad

 Senior Development Lead


Sustainable, locally owned solutions

Address human resource and capacity gap

Professional Development Experience: Bolster community and country technical capacityFellowship ProgramQA Support Team
Dictionary Manager Squad

OpenMRS AcademiesOpenMRS Academy Squad

Instructional Design

Content Expert

Host country or Implementation


Improved OpenMRS StagesOpenMRS Fellowship Program

Senior Development Mentor


Community Experience: Targeted, meaningful engagementGetting Started GuidesDocumentation Team

Technical Writers 


Top Opportunities to Contribute

Our community has a range of opportunities for organizations to sponsor and for individuals to contribute to:

  • Product Owners, preferably from country implementations.
  • Senior Development Leads
  • Development Lead
  • Product Lead
  • Senior Technical Writer

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Jennifer Antilla, Director of Community.

Who’s Interested in Collaborating?

Want to know who else is interested in the same things you are? Sharing something on Talk or Slack and want to tag someone - but you don't know their ID? Check out this Let's Talk! spreadsheet and add yourself while you're at it!