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Use your software career to make a real difference in >40 countries around the world! Work remotely with developers all over the globe.

Our Mission: OpenMRS Inc. is a non-profit that supports the OpenMRS Community in our mission to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by creating a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform. 


Infra Tech Stack: Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, OpenStack (JetStream2 Cloud), Datadog, Docker, Ubuntu, nginx, the Atlassian suite (Bamboo, Confluence, Jira), JFrog Artifactory, GitHub Actions, Discourse, Wordpress, LDAP, and MySQL. (Our Community-maintenance infra stack is described here.) 

Role Overview

  • Responsible for proactively leveraging tools to make managing our infrastructure as easy as possible.
  • Prepare OpenMRS to be ready for the cloud. This includes working closely with the backend lead to help design OpenMRS so that it can leverage current best practices for deploying to the cloud.
  • Serve as a devops expert for implementers, to provide guidance on deploying and maintaining OpenMRS.
  • Security: Reviews, triages, delegates, and addresses incoming security issues. Manages and prioritizes a backlog of known security issues,  both for keeping community infrastructure secure, and to improve OpenMRS EMR system readiness for internal and external penetration-test-style audits. Add and manage supportive tools such as stack iptables and security scanners.
  • Maintain community infrastructure:
    • Maintain critical tools the community relies on (and their related servers) such as Discourse, Atlassian suite: Confluence, Jira, Bamboo (without this we can’t release software),, all links, demo & qa environments, JetStream server uptime
    • Supports & ensure successful maintenance of all OpenMRS login services such as our LDAP Server
    • Respond to and troubleshoot downtimes of community assets