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How OpenMRS shares information about Service Providers is a work in progress. For input or suggestions, please consider sharing your thoughts in the thread at this link and tagging Director of Community Jennifer Antilla.


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Need to find a job or post a job? Check out the OpenMRS Job Board.

OpenMRS encourages organizations and consultants to grow their businesses by becoming service providers of technical, implementation, and maintenance support of OpenMRS products.  Implementers around the world consistently come to OpenMRS in search of expert help with their implementations.  We've created an OpenMRS Service Provider program to begin offering a list of resources that are available for these implementers to contact directly in order to find an appropriate fit to meet their needs.

What Is a Service Provider?

An OpenMRS Service Provider is an organization that has the commitment and capacity to perform software development, advising, training, and/or implementation work using and promoting products in the OpenMRS ecosystem.

What is not a Service Provider?


OpenMRS Experienced Service Providers 

Experienced service providers are those that have documented experience on projects in the area(s) you are listing yourself as providing service for.  Documented means: publicly available case study, white paper, presentation or slides, or a project website.  These are examples, but other similar publicly available documentation are acceptable. Listed in alphabetical order.

NameServices OfferedRegion ServedDescriptionContact InformationDocumented Experience

IntelliSOFT ConsultingeHospital: Implementation of Health Information Systems , Community health information systems, Facility level, Point of Care SolutionsAfrica

IntelliSOFT Consulting specialises in supporting realisation and optimisation of business performance and productivity through development, implementation and supporting meaningful use of information, communications and technology agnostic, web-optimised software particularly for low resourced environments.

Health systems’ strengthening is the primary focus of the business specifically in the area of Health Research Support information Systems and Health Management Information Systems.

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Jembi Health SystemsComplete end to end solution design, Implementation & Support of different health solutions and technologiesAfrica

We design and build people-centred information systems to gather the insights needed to tackle challenging health problems.

Applying our technical and implementation expertise to improve Digital Health systems in Africa's challenging low resource settings.

We work with governments, partners and the international donor community to improve health outcomes for those most in need.

Image result for Mekom technology solutions openmrs

Mekom SolutionsSolution Design, Implementation & Support, Hospital and Point of Care Solutions, OpenMRS and Bahmni integrationGlobalAs an OpenMRS implementer and Bahmni partner, we provide tailored, affordable and easy-to-learn digital health solutions.


SolDeveloSoftware Development HouseGlobal

We offer a comprehensive Agile Software Development and IT Consulting services.

Depending on your needs, our experts can advise you on what technology should be used, prepare the detailed design of the whole system and implement all the needed features.

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Sonder CollectiveUser Research, UX-UI Design,  Design Systems, Usability Testing, GlobalSonder Collective have led the design of OpenMRS 3 and OHRI since the beginning. The team are experienced in conducting in-person user research at healthcare facilities around the world. They routinely help teams untangle complexity, visualise ideas, and test high-fidelity prototypes with healthcare professionals. Our work de-risks investments, and speeds up feature development

OpenMRS Startup Service Providers

Startup service providers are those that do NOT yet have documented experience on projects in their services offered, but they are making a self-attested commitment to using and promoting OpenMRS products.

NameServices OfferedRegion ServedDescriptionContact Information
TekmindzOpenMRS Configuration,
USA. Africa, UKTekMindz is one of the largest companies from Asia providing configuration, customization and implementation services on OpenMRS. We bring on table a rich experience by customizing OpenMRS framework for various healthcare agencies in US, Africa and Afghanistan to suit specific needs.

SolDevelo FoundationEMRS Cloud - OpenMRS hosting in the cloudGlobal

EMRSCloud is a platform created to share OpenMRS with even more people, by hosting it on a safe and stable server with fast internet connection.

By our experience and knowledge we help with pure pleasure in developing your organization, support your projects and achieve your goals.


  1. List your organization on this website with a narrative about services you provide that are aimed at OpenMRS products (not other services or products).
  2. Regularly participating in the community through sharing updates on activities and accomplishments via online channels, quarterly project management calls, or other means.
  3. Allowing OpenMRS to promote or advertise the partnership in any manner OpenMRS wants
  4. Documented commitment to using and promoting OpenMRS products (e.g. OpenMRS Service Provider badge on your website)
  5. Promoting the participation of your clients/implementations/users in the OpenMRS community where applicable
  6. Having contact information available, and being responsive to requests for information about services.


If this criteria is met, please post to this Talk category, edit this wiki page directly, or reach out to Jennifer Antilla.

What does it take to be an OpenMRS Experienced Service Provider?

You must have documented projects in the area(s) you are listing yourself as providing service for.  Documented means: publicly available case study, white paper, presentation or slides, or a project website.  These are examples, but other similar publicly available documentation is acceptable.

What does it take to be an OpenMRS Startup Service Provider?

It takes a (self-attested) commitment to using and promoting OpenMRS products.

Why become a listed Service Provider?