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Partner Path: Established Contributor to Transformative Leader

Partners in Health collaborates with national governments to provide care and strengthen public health systems in areas including cancer and chronic disease, child health, emergency response, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, mental health, and tuberculosis.

What Partners in Health Provides

Partners In Health improves clinical care across the spectrum of health facilities, provide tools for clinical and programmatic research, and support Ministries of Health in building resilient health systems. They have deep experience with OpenMRS core products as well as customizing and implementing OpenMRS distributions at the country level.

Partner in Health’s Community Activity

Sharing the same open-source and collaborative philosophy as OpenMRS, PIH has been a critical partner in the core design and development of OpenMRS for over 15 years. On the ground, PIH supports over 100 OpenMRS implementations in Rwanda, Malawi, Haiti, Mexico, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and Peru. 

In recent years, PIH has played an essential role in the OpenMRS 3 Frontend initiative. Their frontend engineer has been highly involved in architectural decisions, created developer guidance essential for onboarding new developers, and mentored other developers keen to get started with OpenMRS 3.

Mike Seaton and Mark Goodrich represent PIH on OpenMRS’ Technical Action Committee. Through their ongoing work with the OpenMRS Frontend Squad, OCL for OpenMRS Squad, Evaluation Squad, and contributions to multiple OpenMRS repos, three of their developers made OpenMRS’ Top 30 Devs of 2022. 

Partners in Health’s Top Contributions

  • OpenMRS 3 Frontend
  • OpenMRS 3 Developers Guide
  • OCL for OpenMRS
  • Ref App 2.x

Who Is Partners in Health?

Mike Seaton*

Mark Goodrich*

Ellen Ball

David DeSimone

Debbie Munson

Annie Michaelis

Cosmin Ioan*

James Mbabazi

PIH Alumni?

Brandon Istenes

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