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How to request a new service to be deployed?

Check How to deploy a new application to our infrastructure . Make sure to raise a ticket in ITSM JIRA project.


What services does infra team take care of?

Take a look in https://wikiopenmrs.openmrsatlassian.orgnet/wiki/display/ISM/IT+Services+Provided .
We do not have knowledge or even resources to help you with your OpenMRS installation, please use talk for that.


Use security at email please.

Service level objectives




Check service tier in IT Services Provided


Response Time

Resolution or Workaround

Severity 1

Production application down or major malfunction causing productivity loss resulting in majority of users unable to perform their normal tasksTier 1

The most used and relevant services for the community. A large portion of the active community would consider 1h long outage during business time a bad experience, and would prevent them doing their work. These are the most critical systems that affect most of our community, most of the time.

1 hour

4 hours

Severity Tier 2Critical

loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functionsThese services can be down quite possibly for a couple of hours before it actually blocks someone.

4 hours

8 hours

Severity Tier 3

Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal tasksSimilar to Tier 2, but a smaller percentage of the community would be affected.

8 hours

24 hours

Severity Tier 4

Minor loss of application functionalityEither affects a very small percentage of the community, or accessed/used much less frequently.

24 hoursBest effort

7 days