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Infrastructure list


Production Tiers

Tier 1:

The most used and relevant services for the community. A large portion of the active community would consider 1h long outage during business time a bad experience, and would prevent them doing their work. These are the most critical systems that affect most of our community, most of the time.

Tier 2:

These services can be down quite possibly for a couple of hours before it actually blocks someone.

Tier 3:

Similar to Tier 2, but a smaller percentage of the community would be affected.

Tier 4:

Either affects a very small percentage of the community, or accessed/used much less frequently.

Third-party systems

System availability

Our key systems are monitored 24x7 by the third-party service Pingdom. If you see a current outage, don't worry. The infrastructure team has already been alerted.

Requesting resources e-mail

E-mail is managed by Google Apps. Check Requesting an OpenMRS email if you need one.

Mailing lists and groups

Communication is done by

JIRA issue tracking, Wiki or CI

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