Requesting an OpenMRS email

If you are going to represent OpenMRS in some form (e.g. administering a program, helping set up an OpenMRS conference, taking on leadership roles), we can offer you an OpenMRS email. The OpenMRS email is not a right nor a privilege; it's merely a tool to allows you to represent the OpenMRS community.

You should be a well-known member of the community, or have a reference from a long-standing community member, to request an email address. (Give details in the request.)

To ask for an OpenMRS email, please raise a support ticket:

  1. Component: Google Apps
  2. Security Level: None
  3. Summary: Request for OpenMRS email
  4. Description:
    1. At least a valid reason for requesting the OpenMRS Email Address
    2. Your OpenMRS ID
    3. Your name (given and family names)
    4. Backup email address
    5. Reference from the Dev/4, Dev/5 or leadership person

Your email will be identical to your OpenMRS ID.

If you become inactive in the community for a prolonged period of time, this email will be inactivated. Exact details on account inactivation (both OpenMRS ID and Email) will be defined in the future.