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Primary mentor

Daniel Kayiwa

Backup mentor

Sri Maurya Kummamuru

GSoC student

Kaweesi Joseph
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Mid-term evaluation



One of the most useful aspects of an electronic medical record system is data retrieval. While OpenMRS has some mature tools for data collection and reporting, we still need a good tool for rapid perusal of patient data. Jonathan Cummins created a Chart Search tool for Regenstrief that uses SOLR to provide powerful, sub-second Google-like searching of a patient's record. Basing on this, the first version of Chart Search for the OpenMRS Reference Application platform was created during GSOC 2014. The goal of this project is to do the second phase of Chart Search for the OpenMRS Reference Application platform.


  • Modify the current graph in the detailed display section to support zooming in and out to see details; Regenstrief uses: highcharts
  • Allow indexing other modules data and provide a custom way of displaying such indexed data on another page.
  • Redesign the chart search page, (will give details regarding how to improve the previous design)
  • The provider or doctor should be able to search and locate all data about the selected patient on the chart search page.
  • Leveraging SOLR to perform aggregate searches (e.g., find all visits across all patients during 2014 with a new diagnosis of diabetes).
  • Fix bugs and add new features noted at: and
  • The chartsearch page needs to provide a way of saving previous searches plus the attached filter options (tagging) hence ability to add labels among other options of your choice. 
  • The chartsearch page should instead of returning all results at first loading return previous searches for the logged In user.
  • The module administration pages (such as: .../openmrs/module/chartsearch/*name*.form) are currently designed for the old legacy UI that will soon be separated from the OpenMRS Platform, Re-visit their functionality and design new pages providing their functionality within the reference application.
  • Re-factor the module's source code to remove any redundant code, classes and libraries (if there are any) introduced as a result of the previous module evolution.

Extra Credit

  • Create a migration pathway for people starting with Chart Search and embedded Lucene to migrate to a separate SOLR server