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titleArchived Project

This page was archived as of Oct 15 2023. The information on this page may not be up-to-date or maintained.

What is the OpenMRS platform response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 Public Health Response Overview


Science-based tools for implementers and countries for COVID-19 that they can customize based on country guidance and context.


Digital tools for health care workers to screen, test, and manage patients infected with COVID-19.


Data for the public health community for public health surveillance, resource mobilization, and policy-making.

titleIn Progress

Support implementers' work using OpenMRS in their COVID-19 responseExamples:

This spreadsheet further tracks assignments and status of squad-related work by implementing partners.

titleIn Progress

OpenMRS COVID-19 Response Tools

COVID-19 Public Health Response Module

In development:

Patient Intake, Registration, and Case Management

  • Patient information
  • Screening
  • Travel and exposure risk history
  • Clinical status
    • Clinical assessment
    • Laboratory data

In discussion:

  • Referrals
  • Program Enrollment 
  • Outcome
    • Case Report submission
    • PUI tracking 
    • Clinical course/health outcomes
COVID-19 Public Health Reporting Module

In discussion:

  • Clinical case reports
  • Clinical summary with alerts
  • Weekly/monthly reports
  • Supply forecasting based on patient enrollment and care level
  • System monitoring tool  for EHR reliability and usage (available)
  • Systems Interfaces
    • Laboratory, DHIS2, SORMAS, CommCare, etc

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Where can you find us ?

On Talk

On Slack

Slack:  Slack Channel: #covid-19

Standing Weekly Call:

Who: Anyone in the community interested in our COVID-19 response.

When: Wednesdays at 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle

Where (Password: 1)

Google Drive Folder

The COVID-19 Response Project folder includes reference documents, meeting notes, etc.

Meeting Notes & Call Recordings

July 22 - Present

13 May 2020

6 May 2020

29 + 30 April 2020 (Care Cascade Discussion)

22 April 2020

20 April 2020 (OpenHIM+OpenMRS+DHIS2)

15 April 2020

8 April 2020

1 April 2020

25 March 2020

18 March 2020

13 March 2020

Squad Members

Theresa Cullen

Andrew Kanter

Hamish Fraser

Ian Bacher

Ellen Ball

Steven Wanyee

David DeSimone

Antony Ojwang

Sanjaya Poudel

Shefali K

Jonathan Teich

Jennifer Antilla

Grace Potma

Jayasanka Weerasinghe