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titleFollow-up call May 13, 2024

Gilbert Muthee Arthur Mugume Romain Buisson Amos Laboso Kevin N. G Ngary

Pre-analysis of user stories for Billing and Stock Management done by Paul Adams. Results to be shared by Romain Buisson

  • Data points needed for the integration between EMR & ERP (dedicated ERP or embedded ERP modules).

  • Used as support for building the APIs on both ERP solutions.

Draft concept note started by Gilbert Muthee to be shared.

Regarding choosing between ERPNext VS Odoo: both integration will be available with OpenMRS FHIR (OpenMRS EIP component) - both are a viable option.

Lab Integration:

  • Laboratory app is already implemented in Ref App (Lab results entry).

    • On the same principle of the ERP integration:

      • Laboratory backend module should provide a FHIR interface.

      • Take out the EMR-focused frontend components should be in their own app.

      • Make sure those new frontend components rely on the FHIR API so that the backend can be swapped between the embedded Lab modules and dedicated fully-fledged LIMS.

      • Paul to check the user stories behind that work (initiated by UgandaEMR - also used by Palladium) - Romain Buisson

Billing integration:

  • ⚠️ KenyaEMR/KenyaHMIS still using a different version of the Ref App. This needs to be aligned.


  • Might not be mandatory, but a nice to have.

Initialization of ERP/LIMS… components:

  • Metadata (eg, list of products) needs to be aligned within the HIS.

    • As a first step, probably fine to manually align the products list (via each system initializers)

    • Longer term solution:

      • Product catalogue: ERP might be the one driving the list of products & services. Appropriate products & services would be broadcast to their corresponding component (EMR, LIMS…)


  • Probably use the Ozone deployment stack to facilitate the deployment (ready-to-use Ozone Docker Compose). This is a standard Docker Compose project to enable and start the various HIS components.

For next meeting:

  • Backup & restore of the various HIS components

  • Error handling in message routing (integration framework)

  • Manual troubleshooting of errors (integration framework)

  • Adoption & Documentation

  • More detailed scope for a potential hackathon.

titleFollow-up call May 6, 2024