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Table of Contents

Assigned to: Unlicensed userSriHarsha Pamu
Mentor: Unlicensed userraff


Metadata Sharing Server has been renamed to Metadata Repository.


  1. Implement the Metadata Sharing Server.
    1. Allow for uploading metadata packages from a file and the Metadata Sharing Module.
    2. List and search for metadata packages (based on indexed package headers).
    3. Gather usage statistics and suggest the most popular packages first.
    4. Authenticate OpenMRS installations while uploading packages and verify package publishing server information.
  2. Modify the Metadata Sharing Module.
    1. Allow for uploading metadata packages to the Metadata Sharing Server.
    2. Add information about a publishing server (where it comes from) to a package.
    3. Allow to import a selected version of a metadata package.
    4. Search for metadata packages on the Metadata Sharing Server.


Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in the project.


Joe: Allow private packages and select a password for those?
Rafal: Not in the first pass. We'd like our users to be open(-source).


  1. Metadata Repository/wiki/spaces/AR/pages/18515444
  2. Metadata Sharing Module
  3. Implementation ID
  4. Form Bank
  5. OpenMRS Concept Collaborative (OCC)  - a central repository of concepts
  6. OCC Module