OpenMRS Chat Tips

Join us on IRC or Telegram!

Our main OpenMRS chat is available every day via the Freenode IRC network at irc:// or via the open source Telegram Messenger platform at Both systems are connected via an experimental link, so you can make use of your preferred client or interaction type.

  1. Be patient. Even though someone is connected to the chat, they may not be watching it at any given moment. People are in different time zones and sometimes do other things including sleep! Often, if you include their name/nick/ID in a message, they will have configured their chat client to alert them.
  2. Don't send a message to someone with just "Hi" or "Hello" to try to get their attention. If they are online, write your full message/question to them and they will respond when they can.
  3. Avoid asking questions to specific people when possible. Anyone may be able to help, and if you exclude them by only asking a single person, you may miss a better or faster answer. But if no body responds to you after a while, then you can mention irc names of people such that their irc clients can alert them, just in case they were not paying attention.
  4. Don't repeat your message or question multiple times. If you find that no one's able to help you with an answer, consider posting your question or issue on OpenMRS Talk.
  5. Be considerate when sharing lots of text. Don't paste multiple lines into your chat client as multiple messages -- it might get you automatically banned. Don't link to screenshots of text error messages, either -- use or to upload the text in question.
  6. Praise in public, criticize in private. Public criticism is rarely helpful in getting people to change their behavior or tone. Consider sending a private message.
  7. Don't forget to search. You may find an answer faster by searching or with your issue(s). It may have already been discussed in our chat or on OpenMRS Talk.
  8. Remember that both our IRC and Telegram chats are logged so other people can catch up on conversations. Once you send something, it's out there for the world to see!
  9. Avoid private message for public questions! Do not send private messages for questions where any one can help. We encourage public conversations such that as many people as possible can help, and also for others to learn from them because they are logged.
  10. Be friendly and have fun! Non-serious light conversation is allowed as long as it's not interrupting other important issues.


IRC logs are updated hourly. Information on this page may be updated.