2015-11-12 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • Scrum/Standup for objectives
  • Update on the use of OpenMRS calendar for calls related to the operational meetings
  • Transparency of leadership calls and interactions 
  • Review mission/vision/values
  • Invites to the summit

Meeting Minute

View at notes.openmrs.org

Scrum/Standup for objectives
  • Last week: Andy: Met once and organized docs ahead of summit
  • Next week: Maurya is scheduling another meeting 11/19 or 11/20
  • Blockers: None
  • Notes: AK - suggests using a grid to share objective goals and provide staus - a visual to help drive tasks and then we would not even worry about tasks in green
  • TODO: Jamie will work on creating a visual grid for shring the status of objective goals.
  • Last week: Initial write ups [drafts] are done. Jonathan was tied up last week but is free now.
  • Next week: Want to have a F2F at AMIA for those attending plus others on Uberconference. Scheduling it.
  • Blockers: None
  • Last week: Terry: Met a couple times. Plan to use SUmmit to get feedback on specific goals and workplan.
  • Next week: Terry: May have meeting next week?
  • Blockers: None.
  • Objective #4 Education - Saptarshi, Maurya, Suranga, Hamish
  • Last week: Have not had a meeting yet. Will be posting a meeting invite shortly.
  • Next week:
  • Blockers:
  • Last week:
  • Next week:
  • Blockers:
  • Last week: Have not had a meeting yet. Did a draft of annual plan but will need to make additions after the Summit. Will follow up with Chris on partnerships. Need to work on communicaiton plan. Have put together some ideas for fundraising together. 
  • Next week:
  • Blockers:
Update on the use of OpenMRS calendar for calls related to the operational meetings - Michael
  • want to see the objective meetings and other important meetings around operations being added to this calendar
  • AK: suggests color coding calendar (ie. devs, implementers, leadership)
Transparency of leadership calls and interactions
  • Opinions around the transparency of agenda, notes, call details. Are these calls open to everyone?
  • Need to clarify how community members can add things to agenda. Currently Jamie is the filter for getting topics on the call and getting on to the call
  • MD: It is possible to lock Uberconference as well. 
  • TODO: Jamie will add a line on open announcment on Talk to direct people on how they can bring agenda topics or themselves to lead calls - Jamie is the filter
Review mission/vision/values 
  • TODO - everyone review the mission/vision/values and provide feedback. Will review feedback on the 12/17 call. 
Invites to the summit
  • TODO - Paul is going to provide the MOZ15 invitation from earlier this year to Michael & Terry for adaptation, and he will copy & paste to re-send the emails over the weekend or early next week
  • Summit Tutorials
  • Mike Seaton was going to give tutorial. Wanted to wave fee for tutorial because he is not sure it is worth the money. Any thoughts on this and the effects it could have?
  • Leadership group thought charging for tutuorials could help with cost and getting instructors rgistration.