2015-11-19 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • Scrum/Standup for objectives
  • Public good for funding and investments

  • Governance
  • AOB

Meeting Minute

Jamie Thomas
Michael Downey
Paul Biondich
Jan Flowers
Andy Kanter 
Saptarshi Purkayastha
Sri Maurya Kummamuru
Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne
Wyclif Luymia
Kaweesi Joseph
Regrets: Pascal Brandt, Chris Seebregts, Hamish Fraser, Bill Lober (UCSF meeting), Terry Cullen, Burke Mamlin
  • Last week: Had call 19 Nov to come up with tasks, needs to be reviewed in larger group.
  • Next week: Want to have development model by Summit will catch up once Burke is back next week.
  • Blockers: Need someone to help play the role of PM
  • Last week: Bill and Jonathan met at AMIA to discuss a number of points, and we have a call for the working group tomorrow morning to hash out things in live discussion. 
  • Next week: Bill will be taking on the lead role over the next few weeks
  • Blockers: 
  • Last week: Been putting some work in on this and should have a draft for the Summit.
  • Next week: Darius is wondering about measurables and resourcing.
  • Blockers: 
  • Last week: 
  • Next week: People need to respond to the poll and set up a meeting as soon as possible
  • Blockers: Have not been able to get people to sign up for the Doodle poll to have a meeting
  • Last week: Met about 4 times. Getting really close and have revised the objectives.
  • Next week: Are continuing to work on goals.
  • Blockers:
  • Last week: 
  • Next week: Andy will be working with Ellen Ball to put the tutorial together for the summit which will help influence the terminology and standards goal
  • Blockers:
Review 2014 OMRS Camp Tasks - All
Summit Update - Michael
  • Paul sent out strategic invites on 19 Nov
  • Letter did not mention funding support. Do we intend to help?
  • Paul:  hard to answer in the abstract.  I think we're always open to considering supporting strategic invitees... we should take the circumstances on a case by case basis... but the short answer is:  sure, if there's a strategic importance to it!
  • Darius: my expectation is that most people who got a strategic invite letter will not get any funding support, but a couple will
  • Andy: fair enough, just thought if they were "strategic" we would want to get them there :) and some comment to that fact might help.
  • Venue:
  • SMU management approval received (formality)
  • Getting WiFi network setup
  • Planning work day for monday before tutorials
  • Vendors:
  • Working with printers for banners/signs/handouts
  • Having trouble finding local tshirt printers who can deal with our logo ... working with designer & several vendors
  • Stickers printing this week
  • OpenMRS Inc. Travel Grants first round approved & applicants notified
  • Program
  • Arranging program similar to Eldoret event: plenary/large group talks in morning, breakouts & unconference in afternoons
  • Important: We need to discuss how we want to share strategic objectives to the world
  • Extracurricular events:
  • ThoughtWorks Singapore is probably sponsoring a meetup & PowerPoint Karaoke space
  • Working on other evening events, agendas, groups
  • Registration numbers as of today:
  • Conference: 51 (including volunteers & staff)
  • Hackathon: 19
  • Tutorial registrations:
  • Health IT & OpenMRS: An Intro (5)
  • Mobile Tools for OpenMRS (5)
  • Angular & REST Web Services 101 (7)
  • Extending & Customizing OpenMRS (7)
  • OpenMRS Concept Management (3) 
  • Getting Data Out (4)
Security - Michael
  • Tactics (immediate need)
  • Critical issue underway: temporailay disabled demo and test systems to the public - access can be requested
  • Also some non-critical issues underway
  • DJ - would liked to have seen a conversation happen with the engineering team around taking demo servers down. have had one of our devs focusing on this and not working on release priorities. 
  • Future process
  • would like to have a larger meeting around this process and how we want to handle it in the future. 
  • would be helpful to have a PM to focus on this
  • Need to determine how to assess/rank issues as critical (or lower) severity
  • Need to evaluate who receives communications when issues are reported
  • TODO: Paul will start a Talk topic on this after todays call.
Public good for funding and investments - Terry
  • Terry was unable to make it to the call due to travel.
  • Paul and Terry working on engagement strategies with different organizaitons
  • Once we have some the strategic docuemnts in place Paul will be able to make a more formal presentation to orgs like USAID, CDC and World Bank.
  • With Paul's travel over the last couple weeks he has not been able to work on this
  • Will have a draft document for the Summit but will need some input from the leadership group on high level topics - like funding distribution and such
  • Inc. Board Meeting on 23 Nov (following Camp) and 16 Dec (following Summit)
  • On Monday's Board meeting Paul will be giving an update about the Camp and what leadership is asking of the Board. Paul will report back to this group on the next call.
  • Potential new recruitment - Paul
  • Amanda McPherson previously the Chief Marketing Office from the Linux Foundation is interested in engaging with OpenMRS. 
  • Outcome of USAID BAA meeting in DC - Darius
  • >50 participants
  • USAID used an interesting innovative process to have participants step back from projects and identify problems and solutions for interoperability
  • Looked at terminology managment tooling (Jonathan Payne and Andy Kanter work) with a large collaborative:
  • OpenMRS and DHIS as tools that would use this service
  • WHO as an example authoritiative publisher of content
  • THRIVE/OpenSRP as an example community generator of content
  • someone to write code to finish and extend OCL
  • Need to think about process of hiring developers or how we would make this work
  • Andy forwarded PPT from leadership camp to Paul so that potentially a second concept document around content management could be created.