2015-12-03 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • Standup for Objectives
  • Summit Update
  • Review 2014 OMRS Camp Tasks - All
  • Governance
  • AOB

Meeting Minute


Jamie Thomas
Burke Mamlin
Terry Cullen
Michael Downey
Darius Jazayeri
Suranga Kasthurirathne
Wyclif Luymia
Saptarshi Purkayastha
Jonathan Teich 
Chris Seebregts
Paul Biondich
Bill Lober
Possible: Mike Seaton, Jan Flowers, 
Regrets: Andy Kanter
All related Google docs and Talk threads here - https://talk.openmrs.org/t/openmrs-leadership-call-2015-12-03/3879/3
  • This week: Held call on 23 Nov.
  • Next week: Burke on plane, Present
  • Blockers: Gun voilence in the US
  • This week: Held some meetings. Identified goal for exsistence and management/governance. Focuding on goal for exsistence right now
  • Next week: Present at Summit next week
  • Blockers: 
  • This week: Were not able to hold a call this week.
  • Next week:  Present at Summit next week
  • Blockers: 
  • This week: Creating presentation.
  • Next week:  Present at Summit next week
  • Blockers: No
  • This week: No one on call for update. But there has been activity happening here.
  • Next week: 
  • Blockers: 
  • This week: call on Dec 1
  • Next week: present at the summit- goal to develop proposed comprehensive op plan and proposed metrics by 12/15
  • Blockers:
  • How to present objectives at the Summit?
  • Jan and Terry will look to see if there is overlap of all the objectives
  • Terry, Jan and Michael will work on Sunday around how to present the objectives
  • Currently structured to present the objectives and then have an interactive discussion
  • Today talked about format; have an intro (summary), feedback during the summit, and then saturday return back to center giving an update
  • Draft plan shouldbe doneafter the conference so we can share something before the holidays
Summit Update
  • Estimated 80-90 attendees for conference
  • Some leaders who haven't registered: Hamish, Chris (Can not attend the Summit), Jonathan Teich, ?
  • 6-10 learners per tutorial currently
  • DJ: Can I find out who is registered for my tutorial so I can get sense of their background?
  • Please drop a note to events@openmrs and we'll send you the latest list.
  • Burke is. And I payed >$50 bucks for it, so it better be @#$ good!
  • Okay, so I will assume a complete beginner who doesn't know anything (and will constantly interrupt with inane puns) :-)
  • Is there anything easier than that?
  • 33 hackathon (currently)
  • Dinners
  • Tuesday night, meet at SMU @ 18:30 and go to Maxwell Food Centre
  • Leaders, PLEASE TWEET using #OMRS15 hashtag ... your journey, arrival, events, etc. Share photos!
  • Do I need to bring my SIM cutter? Can't tell if Singtel support nano.
  • No. Yay!!!!
  • Oops. Just in case?!? It's heavy! ;-)
  • Having a scavenger hunt to try and get people to know each other. Ex. find someone who can juggle or swallow swords or recite the full Horton Hears a Who book or name the weekday for any date or has an X-Men power or can belch the alphabet or can cross one eye or is left-handed or can speak farsi or prefers original over TNG but picard over kirk or can hold their breath for over 3 minutes without passing out or can tickle themself or 
  • Please take the time during your sessions to encourage people to participate
  • For 2016 would like to ask people if they would mind sharing there some info so people know who is coming
  • The leadership group will find a location to meet up one morning to discuss fundraising.
Review 2014 OMRS Camp Tasks - All