2016-01-25 Project Management Meeting




  • Monitoring Scrums
  • Technical Roadmap
  • 2.4 activities

Discussion items

Summary of scrumsDarius
  • have a omrs-scrum-bot that is monitoring the activities happening in scrums
  • scrums are happening quickly wondering if we can communicate as to create more synergy
  • would like to see scrums used to figure out what to do about blockers if it needs more time to resolve then taking it offline
  • currently there are 5 broken builds - this on the OpenMRSBot. how are we getting broken builds looked at and fixed?
  • Burke updated wiki page to 
  • tickets showing in "review/testing" that believe need to moved back to "working" or "closed"
  • omrs-scrum bot is a tool for the community dev lead would follow up on in progress tickets
  • would like to work towards having other community members be part of the Community Development Swim Lane schedule
Platform 1.12
  • need update on progress
  • should we be scheduling a showcase of the release?
Platform 2.0Mayank
Reference Application 2.4 
  • Release include 2.3 with updated modules
  • Release is scheduled for March 2016
  • James deGraft-Johnson has volunteered to be release manager

Action items