Everything O3: Links & Things to Know

Short Link to This Page: om.rs/o3links

1. To Get Started Using What Exists:

2. To Develop New Things:

  • Developer Guide (Build an O3 app yourself): Details to develop your own extensions and more om.rs/o3dev
  • O3 Roadmap: Projects others are already doing / new apps in the pipeline: om.rs/productdashboard 
  • O3 UI Patterns to Follow: (very strongly recommended to smoothly add new items into the O3 RefApp) om.rs/o3patterns 
  • O3 Design Components: om.rs/o3components 
  • O3 App Designs Ready for Development:  om.rs/o3designs  How to use Zeplin: om.rs/howtozeplin  (Note: to see detailed CSS guidance at the Detailed links, you require an invite to our OpenMRS Zeplin project. Let us know if you need a dev-level invite. In the meantime you can simply review all designs with this account: u: openmrszeplinreview@gmail.com p: zeplinreview123) 
  • Designer Guide: om.rs/o3design

3. To Get O3 Community Support:

  • O3 Squad: We get together on Zoom every week, anyone can share updates/questions on the O3 work they are doing: om.rs/o3squad We talk asynchronously the rest of the week at the #openmrs3 slack channel
  • Slack O3 Help Community: You can contact the global community of O3 implementers for support in the OpenMRS slack channel called #openmrs3-helpme (if you do not already have an OpenMRS Slack account, sign up here first.)
  • Daily O3 Troubleshooting: Every weekday we have a 30-min daily drop-in for help. Details: Mon-Thurs at 5pm UTC at this link our O3 dev leads host Community Coffee Chats to help with O3 Troubleshooting. GCal info here.  
  • Join the general OpenMRS Community: Join our community forum called "Talk" by creating an OpenMRS account ("ID") here: id.openmrs.org For account problems or edit access to the community Jira or Wiki, see our Help Desk: om.rs/helpdesk 
  • Calendar of All Community Events: (including the above regular calls) om.rs/cal