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Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

  • Conclusion was announced on blog
  • looking to identify mentor who will attend the google event
  • Community email for the GSoC. so we will use
  • Closing date is Feb 7 2019
  • Identify projects and mentors for the next round.
  • Need to check with previous years whether mentors performed up to standard.Proposal was submitted last week
  • Identified 11 projects and now looking to identify more. 
  • Did the email call out yield any new projects?

Internships: Andela

  •  Andela
  • Cynthia Antwi to speak to representative from Andela regarding the PM and soft skills for the interns

Sync 2.0 (SolDevelo, Jembi)

Jakub Slawinski

  • Report on this every 2 weeksNo report this week.
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9

OpenMRS Platform 2.2
Technical Road Map /Strategic Operational PlanOperational Plan for CY 2019
  • consider review of objective one and two on the call during the next PM call (January 21)
  • ongoing x timely (monthly?) review of these objectives
    • Discussion around Product Management and how to better engage with the community on such activities
    • Dev levels and criteria for progression need to be firmed up. Suggestion by Daniel Kayiwa to have a more robust but manual review process for dev0 to dev 1/2
    • Discussion around how to revive OpenMRS University to attract new members to the community by teaching them the key skills we are looking for; e.g how to handle pull requests etc....

    Documentation Review 2019
    • At the last meeting team members were asked to review of content according to personas and identifying gaps in the contentIdentify members in the community who will be tasked to review content.
    • Intending to create tickets on JIRA to manage the documentation review process.
    • Suggestion was made to create a way to manage the workflow that would be helpful e.g.  to use Labels within Confluence,
    PM tool
    • We could use some more intro tickets
    • Daniel Kayiwa suggested that we focus on OCL and ensure its completed

    • Ways in which to better execute recommendations from OMRS18
    Next week