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The components were identified on these designs, and are noted on the child pages and linked to below.  Each of these components were listed and considered for phase.

Design PageComponentNotesNotesPhaseSprint (in PIH JIRA)
Back-end infrastructure
Analysis/work to ensure FHIR support
Add Medication Dispense Domain Object and FHIR Resource

1MI-2022 7, MI-2022 8
Upgrade Medication Request FHIR resource and add custom search 

1MI-2022 7, MI-2022 9
Upgrade PIH EMR to OpenMRS 2.5

Pharmacy App Main View

Results Gridincluding columns that come directly from the order (created, patient, prescriber)
1MI-2022 10
Results pagingmay come automatically with the results table
1MI-2022 10
Drug display columndrug concept name?  will need to work this out
1MI-2022 10
Last Dispenser columnnot directly tied to the order, but would be nice to have if not too much work

MI-2022 10 (if on result object from FHIR)
Status columnderived dispensing status
1MI-2022 10
Searchsearch for rows within grid (patient id, name etc...)Requirements needed by MI-2022 8 (as this will need to be implemented server-side)1MI-2022 10
Filterfilter for rows with grid (need to define filters)
need designs
Requirements needed by MI-2022 8 (as this may need to be implemented server-side)1MI-2022 10
Printprint list of rows based on current filter/search settings
1MI-2022 10
Fill Prescription (previously Create Order)fill a prescription for which there is no electronic order listed(Is this now "fill paper prescription")1

need define which tabs supported in phase 1

Today's prescriptions?  etc...

Requirements needed by MI-2022 8 (as this may need to be implemented server-side)1MI-2022 11
Summary Tilesconfigurable tiles/cards at top of page

Change Date Viewchange content of tiles based on date

View details of tilesview dispensing rows based on tile content

Display patient identifier

(not in design)

Display patient id for validation and ease of searching (scanning)
1MI-2022 10

Default to certain filters? time period?

(not in current design)

1MI-2022 10
Pharmacy order expandedExpanded prescription

1MI-2022 11
Prescription Details

1MI-2022 11
History and Comments will need to define exactly what should show hereRequirements needed by ASAP (as we need to understand what we will need to add to MedicationDispense domain object to support this)1MI-2022 11
Patient Details


Distribution Details

Dispensed chiclet

Print label function

delete functionneed to discuss but presumably this should be allowed for users with certain privileges?
1MI-2022 11

Alert Details

drug and instruction details

1MI-2022 11
dispensed details history

1MI-2022 11
send back function

dispense function

1MI-2022 11, MI-2022 12

Edit previously dispensed drug

(not currently in design)

Edit Dispensing Details

Enter dispensing details

1MI-2022 11, MI-2022 12
Edit dispensed drug

Need to define what is allowed in phase 1.  Maybe just alternate formulations of the same drug (same concept)?   If we had drug "ingredients" we could go a step further.

Lots to discuss about the modeling of this.  Perhaps this just perform validation on back end before submission.  (i.e. maybe front end logic does not account for this)

1MI-2022 11, MI-2022 12
Edit dosing instructionsThis is necessary if we allow editing of drug
1MI-2022 11, MI-2022 12
Add drug to dispensing detailsNot sure this is necessary for phase 1.  It would be necessary if we included substitutions based on ingredients.  

Add internal comments

Fill Paper PrescriptionSearch for Patient

Register a Patient

Add prescriber

search for drugs

add prescription details

add additional drugin phase 1, users will need to click "fill prescription" multiple times.  It would be better to include this so user did not have to add patient details multiple times
Edit Dispensed drugEdit drug dropdownagain, need to define the rules
Add reason for changeAdd reason for change

Return to PrescriberReturn to prescriber

reason for return

note to prescriber

cancel return

send back (submit)

View History and CommentsDispensing History

1MI-2022 11
Add history note

Add history itemnot sure what this is?

History event display

History Initials

Patient DetailsPatient Details header

Patient vitals

Patient Allergies