Pharmacy order expanded


  1. Indication can likely be pulled from the "orderReason" field on Order
  2. Assuming Billing and Distribution is not Phase 1 (or Phase 2, for that matter)


  1. What is "end date", is that the expire date of the order?
  2. This page shows two drugs associated with a single prescribing (if I'm understanding correctly).  A "standard" OpenMRS Order only has one drug associated with it, is it fine for phase 1 if there is a just a one-to-one relationship here? Answer: each row will be a group of orders, grouped by encounter.
  3. Assumedly, "Dispensed" chiclet will be displayed if there are 1 or more MedicationDispense objects associated with the Order, and the "Refilled dispensed" numerator will be the count of medication dispensed objects associated with an order, and denominator will be the numRefills associated with the drug order? If no numRefills, default to 1?
    1. Can we just consider the total non-voided MedicationDispense associated with the Order when doing the count, or is there some other logic we need to take into account (this may get fleshed out as I dig into the following paging)
  4. What does the view look like if medication dispensed is not identical to the medication ordered? ie a substitution is made?   It feels like the "dispensed" layout need to be updated to show what is actually dispensed?
  5. Send back to provider could potentially set the fulfillerStatus to "EXCEPTION", easy enough to do, but probably isn't Phase 1 until we design the UI for the prescriber to revise the order?
  6. Delete prescription can probably be handled by voiding the order or issuing a discontinue order... but do we want pharmacists to actually be able to cancel orders?  There likely needed to be some permissioning around this
  7. I'm guessing/assuming Allergies is not Phase 1?  If it is, is this just a summary of the allergies table for patient?