O3 IPD Inpatient Department Requirements

Starting June 2023, representatives from Mekom and from PIH are collecting requirements for O3 IPD features.

Follow-up call on March 19, 2024 - Paul AdamsMichael Bontyes

  • Update from SL:
    • Critical flags, documentation between shifts, lab results tracking, triage forms with scoring
    • Good feedback on design/UX, comments rather on content
    • Considering both laptop and tablet
    • Interest in decision support, task management, flags, importance of trends highlights

  • To consider
    • Prioritization of end users over supervisors - for the simple reason of health impact
    • Simplify and lower the amount of information on screen as much as possible
    • Great UX vs. Configuration vs. User-specific preference
    • Minified navigation (icons only)
    • Remind what we're aiming for with O3 and the squads - capture needs for iterations
  • To discuss further:
    • Search context
    • Registration
    • Start visit (present or retro)
    • Bed mgmt
    • Transfer 
    • Dispensing
    • Notes
    • Discharge

  • Next steps
    • Planning and Requirements
      • PIH: 
      • Mekom: Expecting feedback on designs soon, could start on dev work in April
      • MSF: to test current PIH designs in Iraq - aiming for sharing static designs with SC by end of March + tentatively Paul on a call with end users in early April
    • Squad coordo
      • Use Jira product discovery for prioritization?
      • When to quick off with the group?

Bed Management

  • Add or remove to count of beds
  • Mark which bed someone is in
  • Track occupancy rates (e.g. X% occupied)

MAR Medication Administration Record

  • View when medications are due
  • Record when and by whom medications are administered

Inpatient Dispensing

  • As opposed to outpatient dispensing