Clinical Views

What are Clinical Views?

  • Goal: To give staff an easy way of finding condition-relevant or program-relevant information
  • Why: Clinicians often have a focus-area they are interested in, e.g. a clinician in an HIV Outpatient clinic has specific information, labs, medications etc that they are most interested in reviewing. 
    • I want a set of pages that have widgets on them related to a particular clinical scenario, so that it's easier for me to find the information I need for a particular care issue for a patient. 


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How can Clinical Views be set up / configured? 

Vision: Ability to use configuration to define your clinical views (the view name, page names, and which extensions in what order)

Example of our vision for Config in JSON:

Brainstorming a better name: 

  • Clinical summaries
  • Care summaries
  • Deep dive
  • Drill-down
  • Care views
  • Care area
  • Clinical program
  • Care programs
  • Care service

  • Care dashboards
  • Focus area
  • Care focus
  • Summary
  • Focus summary
  • Care apps
  • Care pages
  • Care canvas
  • Clinical canvas
  • Care program canvas