O3 React Form Engine

  • On Feb 2 2023's TAC Call, we decided as a community to move forward with the React Form Engine. Notes here.
  • 1-Pager Engines Comparison here.
  • HFE Features to probably support (still need to do prioritization): here.
  • Example Forms for experimenting: 

  • Jira Epic:
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Gap Analysis from Oct 2023: 

Available here in Notion: https://www.notion.so/ucsf-ighs/Angular-vs-REACT-form-engine-f970880f466c46fc86e91c612918ec32 

Gap Analysis from Feb 2023:

Table below is results from our Gap Analysis where we ran the most common + complex Ampath form against the React Form Engine:


What already exists


MVP: Requirements for Baseline Parity



  • Validation: Date validators, required field
  • Mark as “Unspecified”
  • Extensible DatePicker (usage example: Ethiopian calendar)
  • Display Text blocks to the user
  • Hover to see concept name, explanation of business rule
  • Markdown in forms at any level
  • Intent (use same json, present info in differently, where logic changes depending on your intent; eg for RDE vs POC, full form vs embedded form)
  • Formik switch (Samuel)
  • Helper Functions - required so we can continue to run the same forms - several already supported by React Form Eng
    • formatDate
    • calcBMI (check they’re calculated the same way between the 2 so old ones don’t get a different BMI)
    • calcBSA
    • calcBMIforAgeZscore
    • calcWeightforHeightZscore
    • calcHeightforAgeZscore
    • isEmpty
    • arrayContains
    • arrayContainsAny
    • extractRepeatingGroupValues
    • Validations: HideWhen, showWhen
  • I18n: localisable: Need way of translating every field on form - every label, text, concept, Question, Answer, Section Header, Page Header, Title → Load version in the right locale or provide a sensible default. (e.g. must-have for ICRC, Mekom, PIH)
  • Support rendering type “Drug” - https://ampath-forms.vercel.app/docs/field-types-reference#drug 
  • Custom data sources (eg Expressions; way of adding arbitrary data into the form) - already getting in this week :) 
  • Reference Mappings instead of Concept UIDs - MVP because we want to get rid of UUIDs wherever we can (PIH would likely not use until this is possible)
  • Embedding forms in other forms - a few differences: Angular, you define special mini-forms that are embeddable. Check that switching from and Ang Eng form to an OHRI form doesn’t cause issue. 
  • Selectable Orders 
  • Unit Test Coverage - 60% goal
  • Schema Documentation - https://ohri.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/HOME/pages/120684546/OHRI+Forms 


  • Custom expression helpers (eg complex calculations like WHO CVD risk score) - can then move ones that are logic driven out of the engine itself


  • Offline: compatible - user can pre-load form offline, and have it displayed offline. Assuming form schema is the same, the setup we have for offline mode should just work. (Need to confirm success loading drop-downs that are populated by a concept set.)
  • Add custom components (eg complex custom displays)