Component Overlap for Pharmacy and Queue features

tl;dr: There is overlap between components needed for the Service Queues, Pharmacy Module, and what's already available in the public OHRI repo. 


A) Please review the 2 relevant components already built by OHRI to see if your team would like to adopt these for the pages you're building. 

B) We hope that the Pharmacy Module dev team (PIH) and the Queues dev team (Palladium) will be able to collaborate so the approach is relatively shared.

As shown in the image on the right, there are (at least) 3 areas of design overlap between the Dispensing Wireframes and the Queues Wireframes:

  1. Tiles
  2. Patient List
  3. Side Nav (in expanded detail view)

This other image is a screenshot from the production OHRI demo. You can see that Tiles and a simple Pt List exist there. 

  1. Tiles: The summary tiles come from the ohri-programme-summary-tiles component: UCSF proposes that this component should be promoted to a 3.x component library and available for all ESMs. More abstraction and cleanup might be needed but possibly they can be used as is for now.
  2. The tabs (containing the pt lists) come from ohri-patient-list-tabs component:  If you dig deep into this component you will see that they use the PatientList components that @Samuel Male built on the patient-chart esm