Dispensing Testing on a Tablet

Testing notes from testing the dispensing functionality on a Tablet

  1. I get an error message about using Google even when I am using Google


2. In the Dispensing app, the columns should autofit to the screen. Right now they are being cut off at Status.


 3. When I expand an order, the Dispense button is not visible unless I scroll to the right

4. After you select the Dispense Prescription button, the drug are listed side by side instead of stacked. 


5. In the dispense window, the Dose unit and Route fields have their dropdown options cut off so you can't tell what you are selecting or what has been selected. 


6. In the Dispensing History view, some the "Prescription Details" and "History and Comments" labels are truncated.  Also the user must scroll to the right to access the actions to Edit and Delete record:


 7.  This is a small issue and may only affect PIH. (or any 2.x implementation - may be a bootstrap vs carbon inconsistency) In the Dispensing App, header is a different format than the rest of the system