Orders - Patient Chart

Left Nav Link

A user should be able to see orders in the patient chart under a left nav called Orders

The order page will have one widgets called Orders
















This widget has the following features

  • Drop down control that will filter the table by Order type 

  • An Add  button that loads the order basket on the right nav.

  • If the widget is empty record orders loads the order basket on the right nav.

  • A table with the following columns

    • Order Number

    • Date of Order (date time)

    • Order Type (Test order, Radiology order, Referral order etc)

    • Order Viral Load  , Haemogram  ALT/ASOT 

    • Priority Routine Urgent

    • Ordered by

    • Status New Received, In Progress, Completed, Exception, On hold, Declined

    • Actions

      • Modify Order  will allow a user to view or change details of a pending order from the left nav

      • Add Results  will allow a user to enter results of a pending order

      • Cancel Order  will allow a user to cancel an order by removing it from the basket




  • An accordion with the following details for lab results

    • Test Type -  (for example a full Haemogram will show) Hct, Hgb , RBC etc , the test done will be a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the results viewer's timeline of the test to show a trend as is already implemented in 03 on the right nav.

    • Out of range results will be highlighted  as follows

    • Result - test result (150,000 Positive Trace Not Done etc)

    • Normal Range as defined by each tests configuration is a combination of Normal Low + Normal High + Units.11.5 - 17.8 g/dl 4 - 6.1 10^6/ul