Orders - Lab Order Forms

The following forms will be used for the lab workflow.

Order Basket

Allow a user to make several orders from the right nav.

Order Cancellation 

Used to document the reason an order has be cancelled.

A cancelled order will have the status of Cancelled  displayed on the Completed Orders widget.

Cancelled orders should not be display on any of the patients statistics, the cancelled order is considered void.

The form will have:

  • A label of the test being cancelled
  • The cancellation date - date
  • Reason for cancellation - text

Results Entry form

with an existing order

with no existing order

A user can create an order by opening Order form from the order basket.

A user will search for a test or orderset

  • Enter the result
  • Sample ref number 
  • Status - Completed  since the result already exists.

Result Timeline

On clicking a hyperlink of a test result a user can view the timeline on the right hand nav.