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A manual for the Concept Search features can be found here: Advanced Concept Search Manual.

Install Guide

The Concept Search Module can be downloaded here: Concept Search Module


This module was created in the course of Google Summer of Code 2010. You can find the idea page here: Project Page.

Release Notes

  • 0.2
    • Resolved tickets:
      • GSOC-15 (Allow user to sort the search results)
      • GSOC-34 (added JQuery's autocomplete function)
      • GSOC-37 (On initial advanced search page, the footer doesn't stick)
      • GSOC-39
    • fix display of message bundles
    • UI: use the same style for basic search and advanced search result list
    • UI: use CSS definitions ex. class="evenRow" instead of bgcolor="#f5f5f5"
    • UI: improve paging 1) max .10 links 2) current page link should be disabled
    • UI: "View Link" in the result list is obsolete
    • authorisation