Advanced Concept Management Module


The Concept Search Module was created to improve the search for concepts. It is separated into a basic and an advanced concept search.

Basic Search

The basic search allows a full text search. It is supported by an autocomplete widget.

Advanced Search

The advanced search has a lot more search criteria to filter out unwanted results e.g. by concept class. It is also supported by an autocomplete widget and a date picker.

User Guide

A manual for the Concept Search features can be found here: Advanced Concept Search Manual.

Install Guide

The Concept Search Module can be downloaded here: Concept Search Module

After installing the Concept Search Module you can access it via the admin panel, a new group with the name Concept Search will be created there. It does not replace the build in concept search.

Upgrade Guide

If you would like to upgrade your existing version of the Concept Search Module simply install the newer version over the old one. See Install Guide.

It is recommended to keep your old version as backup to avoid incompatibility issues.


Project Details

This module was created in the course of Google Summer of Code 2010. You can find the idea page here: Project Page.

Release Notes

  • 0.2
    • Resolved tickets:
      • GSOC-15 (Allow user to sort the search results)
      • GSOC-34 (added JQuery's autocomplete function)
      • GSOC-37 (On initial advanced search page, the footer doesn't stick)
      • GSOC-39
    • fix display of message bundles
    • UI: use the same style for basic search and advanced search result list
    • UI: use CSS definitions ex. class="evenRow" instead of bgcolor="#f5f5f5"
    • UI: improve paging 1) max .10 links 2) current page link should be disabled
    • UI: "View Link" in the result list is obsolete
    • authorisation
  • 0.1
    • initial release. It is written for OpenMRS 1.6.x, other versions might not be fully compatible.
    • renamed from Enhanced Concept Management to Concept Search Module

Known Bugs

  • autocomplete uses cache -> old results are preferred but might be less accurate