Advanced Concept Management Manual

About Advanced Concept Management Module

The Advanced Concept Management Module was created by Malte Friese in the course of Google Summer of Code 2010, he was mentored by Justin Miranda.

You can get more information at Advanced Concept Management Module.


  • 1) Search criteria input
  • 2) Search results
  • 3) Pages
  • 4) Link to concept viewer

Search Criteria

The module supports the ability to search for:

  • Name
  • Description (to be implemented)
  • Datatype
  • Concept Class
  • Set
  • Creation Date
  • Concept Used
    • as a question in forms
    • as an answer to questions
    • as an observation question
    • as an observation value

Most of these are self-explanatory.

is Set refers to a set of concepts, like blood grouping.

Criteria Linking

There are two ways of interpreting links between criteria: AND and OR.
AND means that a possible match must fulfill all criteria.
OR means that a possible match must fulfill at least one criteria.

Here is a table showing which criteria part uses which linking:

  • Name: AND
  • Datatype: OR
  • Concept Class: OR
  • Concept used as: AND

Result View

In the result view the following information a displayed about a concept:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Concept Class
  • Datatype
  • Number Of Observations

You can sort the results by any of these criteria.
To get more detailled information about a concept you can click on the Actions button, it will lead you to the integrated concept viewer.

Other Names is currently disabled