OpenMRS Academies

Why OpenMRS Academies?

OpenMRS is a recognized Digital Global Good that relies on a skilled workforce to build, maintain, and implement quality software that healthcare workers, trained in its use, can turn to when they need accurate data to inform patient care. As OpenMRS implementations have expanded to over 5,500 health facilities, demand for OpenMRS training and education in multiple areas continues to grow.

What is the goal of OpenMRS Academies?

OpenMRS Academies aim to support the long term sustainability of OpenMRS in Low Resource Settings (Africa, Asia, South America) by expanding OpenMRS knowledge and skills among different health information system professionals.

OpenMRS academies, bootcamps, and skills labs are short courses designed to endow a learner with the awareness and needed skills to understand, develop, implement, and manage OpenMRS-supported solutions at different levels. By offering multiple OpenMRS Academies that each address specific content areas relevant to different target audiences, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to become OpenMRS developers, implementers, end-users and public health officials.

How does this work?

The OpenMRS Community's Technical Skill Development Squad leads the design and development of OpenMRS academies by bringing community technical experts, experienced implementers, and instructional designers/curriculum developers together to establish course goals and objectives, outline session activities/materials, and develop curriculum.

OpenMRS Academy FAQ

I'd like to attend an OpenMRS Academy. How do I register?

The OpenMRS Community collaborates with host countries to plan, schedule, and deliver OpenMRS Academies, Bootcamps, and Skills Labs. There are no upcoming OpenMRS Academies planned at this time. Please note: OpenMRS Academies are currently designed to be held face-to-face, with some materials conducive to distance learning.

Who should attend OpenMRS Academies?

Each OpenMRS Academy is tailored to meet the needs of different people. The table below describes who will benefit from participating in each of the OpenMRS Academies.

OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy

OpenMRS 3.x | OHRI Development Track: Fundamentals Bootcamp

OpenMRS 3.x | OHRI Development Track: Skills Lab & HackathonsOpenMRS Implementers Track

Public health officials, including:

    • decision-makers
    • end-users 
    • managers 
    • technicians

Students in higher education who have completed the OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy

Implementers from

  • NGOs and Implementing Partners
  • Vendors 
  • Consultants

Implementers who have completed the OpenMRS Fundamentals AcademyDesign In Progress

Students in higher education exploring the following areas:

    • Computer Science 
    • Information Technology 
    • Health informatics 
    • Health Policy
    • Medical and nursing students

Developers from

  • NGOs and Implementing Partners
  • Vendors 
  • Consultants

Developers who have completed the OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy or have a basic understanding of OpenMRS 3.x or OHRI technologies.

Implementers new to OpenMRS

  • NGOs and Implementing Partners
  • Vendors 
  • Consultants

Developers new to OpenMRS

  • NGOs and Implementing Partners
  • Vendors 
  • Consultants

Who hosts an OpenMRS Academy?

The Technicial Skills Development Team collaborates closely with organizations and teams interested in hosting available Academies, Bootcamps, or Skills Labs for one or more countries.Together, the Technicial Skills Development Team  and host organization identify and orient facilitators, support country-specific adaptations, organize, and deliver an OpenMRS .

I'd like to host an OpenMRS Academy. What OpenMRS Academy curricula are available?

 AVAILABLE OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy

 AVAILABLE  OpenMRS 3.x Fundamentals Bootcamp

 AVAILABLE  OpenMRS 3.x Skills Lab/Hackathon

 AVAILABLE OpenMRS Implementers Track

To find out more about how you can host an OpenMRS Academy, please contact Jennifer Antilla or the Professional Development Management Team for more information.