Summer Of Code 2021

Write Code. Save Lives.

OpenMRS is excited to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code™ 2021! Since 2007, we've enjoyed participating in this great program and we're extremely excited about the projects and mentorship opportunities available this year. Coding for OpenMRS is a great way to practice your coding skills and, at the same time, help benefit people in developing countries who are on the front lines of the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and other public health challenges. For a more detailed history of who were are and what we do, please see here.

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Google Summer of Code at OpenMRS

Learn more about Google Summer of Code 2021:
Google Summer of Code website

GSoC 2021 Program Administrators

Suthagar Kailayapathy

Moses Mutesasira

Herbert Yiga

Grace Potma

Jennifer Antilla

Please see GSoC Admin Guidelines for more information.

Available Projects for GSoC 2021

Project Name

Theme/Grow Your Skills In

Selected Student

Primary Mentor

Backup Mentor

SMART-on-FHIRFHIR, Authentication integrationIan BacherSiddharth Vaish

Support for Extended Operations in FHIR


Varun Gupta
End to End Automated Tests for the OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp

The OMRS 3.0 RefApp/ Microfrontend code base

Frontend Test Automation with Cypress

BDD Test Cases & Cucumber Test Engine

Frontend Development

Modernizing Admin functions for OpenMRS: Clinical Data Management (User Dashboard, Clinic Dashboard, & Patient Chart improvements)

Micro Frontends: single-page applications


UI: Carbon Design System


Vineet Sharma
Modernizing Admin functions for OpenMRS: Option 6: The REST of Administration

RESTful API development (building out REST functionality that doesn't exist yet)

Java (working with OpenMRS Core Administration Functions)

Bartłomiej Rasztabiga

GSoC 2021 : OpenMRS Android Client Project 3.0.x

Android, Jitpack LibrariesSaurabh Kumar

Juliet Wamalwa

Tackle Security Issues

Web application security

XSS vulnerabilities

Authorization check

Tackle Security Issues

Web application security

XSS vulnerabilities

Authorization checks

Joshua Nsereko
Tackle Security Issues

Web application security

XSS vulnerabilities

Authorization checks


Export & import feature for the OMRS Reporting moduleOpenMRS Module development (OMOD)Heshan Andrews
Improve the functionalities of the DHIS2 Connector module

DHIS2 Interoperability

ADX data standard


Data Indicator use in health data reporting 

Piumal Rathnayake

Required Skills

(Just an abstract idea, it may differ based on the project scope)

  • MODULE -  Java, Spring, MySQL

  • WEBAPP - JSP, HTML, CSS2part

  • OWA - JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS

  • ANDROID - Java, Android,Kotlin

  • CORE-  Java, Spring, Hibernate ,Mysql ,OpenMRS API

  • QUALITY-  Quality assurance , Quality Control

We are still working on some project analysis, and plan to add here soon. Please keep watching this page for project updates.

Program Timeline

Look at here for more info on the full GSoC 2021 program timeline.

  • PASSED GSoC 2021 preparations
  • PASSED January 29,  Organization applications open

  • PASSED February 19, : Organization Application Deadline

  • PASSED March 9, Organizations Announced

  • PASSED March 10 - March 28: Student's involvements
  • PASSED March 29 - April 13 :Student Application Period

  • PASSED April 13 - May 17 :Application Review Period

  • PASSED May 17 :Accepted :students announced

  • PASSED May 17 - June 7 Students get to know mentors, read documentation, prepare for work on their projects

  • PASSED June 7,  - August 16, Coding Period 

  • PASSED July 12 - 16, 2021: Mentors and students submit Phase I evaluations

  • PASSED August 16 - 23 :Students Continue Coding

  • PASSED August 23 - 30 :Mentors submit final evaluations of students

  • PASSED August 31 : Final results of Google Summer of Code announced


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