Introduction to the OpenMRS 3.0 Design System

About this Session

One of the aims of OpenMRS 3.0 and the OHRI package is to provide a new user experience - while preventing duplicate development efforts. This session looks at how you can promote the re-use of designs and components by using the OpenMRS 3.0 Design System.

Session Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the benefits of re-using designs and components

  2. Discuss the differences between a Design System and a Style Guide

  3. Explain the advantages of choosing a 3rd party Design System

  4. Describe OpenMRS' history with style guides

Estimated Time: 90 minutes


Why Re-Use Designs and Components?


History of Style Guides in OpenMRS


Style Guide or Design System?


Introduction to Design Systems - and why OpenMRS should use one.

10 Minute Videos

OpenMRS 3.x Design System

OpenMRS Design Process

Reading + Visuals

**Design Conventions: Patterns to Follow and How to Use to Carbon & the Style Guide** New Resource!

Walkthrough: Patterns

OpenMRS 3.0 Styleguide (with re-usable components)

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