Validating and re-working (updating) the OpenMRS PatientFlags module

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The OpenMRS openmrs-module-patientflags module provides functionality for creating warning flags in the Patient Dashboard, but it currently faces a few challenges.

  • This module only works with the legacy UI.
  • Users have reported performance issues associated with this module.
  • Because of these issues, we cannot integrate this into the O3 RefApp.

The main goal of this project is to revamp the OpenMRS PatientFlags module and fix these issues.

Required Skills

  • Excellent proficiency in Java programming.
  • Strong understanding of optimization techniques.
  • Familiarity and experience with working on OpenMRS modules

Project Rating and Length


175 hours


  • Address and resolve compatibility issues with both O2 and O3 UI in OpenMRS.
  • Identify and optimize areas of the module that contribute to performance issues.
  • Add support for Java 17 but without dropping support for Java 8.
  • Introduce a new functionality to facilitate the translation of patient flags between the Flag - FHIR v5.0.0 Resource and the OMRS Flag model