Reporting Framework: Next steps


  • We would like to find a common way to use raw EMR data for analysis and clinical decision support. We've realized that all 3 of the above use cases want to leverage a shared framework.
  • What this is NOT about: NOT about choosing one particular tool to calculate metrics
  • What IS this about: IS about standardizing an approach for the frontend to GET calculated data


  • Please add your organization's interest and specific examples. 
  • Please add any additional thoughts or requirements on this page.

Summary: Use Cases for the Reporting Framework

Use CaseWho's InterestedSpecific Examples
  • Patient-level Alerts
  • Alert on patient chart that says the patient is due for VL (Ampath)
  • Pt Lists (auto-generated, aka Dynamic Patient Lists)
  • Generate list of patients who are waiting to see clinician (Ampath)
  • Reports
  • Generate Kenya MOH-731 report (Ampath)