Generic "Encounter List" Widget

3.x Shared Asset - Reuseable Microfrontend Driven by Configuration: 

  • Proof of concept: generic patient summary widget #443
    • From Brandon Istenes :
      • This is a proof of concept for a generic widget that can be added to the patient chart using config. It can be made to display any obs in a table and in a graph. It is a proof of concept: there were no real designs, and I didn't test it with any non-numeric obs; non-numeric obs would probably break it as is.

      • Consumes a json config. You can add extensions from the implementer tools, but you can't yet configure them that way. I started working on that but it's not quite working enough to PR yet. Until that's there you can just edit the config JSON.

OHRI Current State: Requires coding to set up