2020 Virtual Implementers' Conference Schedule

Quick link to this page: om.rs/20schedule

The schedule for our 2020 Virtual Implementers Conference is fluid because we use a semi-"unconference" format.

This means that most session topics are defined on the first day of the meeting by those who attend. It's "semi-unconference" because we have some pre-defined plenary sessions in the works. Please continue to check back for updates!

Click on the hyperlinked conference day and date to access the recordings for the main room and plenaries.

Monday, 30 November

Time (UTC)Local TimeSession
1:00 PM

1:15 PM

Opening: Walking Far Together
1:30 PM

Plenary: Making Cross-Border Collaboration Happen
3:00 PM

Plenary: Introduction to Unconferencing
3:15 PM

Unconferencing Session Proposals & Voting

4:00 PM

Lighting Talks:

5:00 PM

After Action Review

Thursday, 3 December

Time (UTC)Local Time


1:00 PM

Welcome to Day 4!

Facilitator: Jennifer Antilla

1:15 PM

Plenary Session: Panel: Critical Trends in Digital Health

Facilitator: Grace Potma

2:00 PM

OpenIMIS: Integration with Bahmni / NepalEHR using FHIR

Facilitator: (Laxman Manandhar) 

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

"Group" Photo
4:15 PM

5:00 PM

OpenMRS Academy and Building local capacity 

Facilitator: Antonio Macheve

5:45 PM

After Action Review