Release Notes 1.4.7

OpenMRS 1.4.7 is a maintenance/bug fix release over OpenMRS 1.4.6 .

  • Release date: Nov 19th 2010
  • Be sure to run the update-to-latest.sql file on your database
  • If updating from a version less than or equal to 1.4.1, it is recommended that you re-run the "Update Concept Words". See link on the Administration screen.
  • FormEntry Module 3.7 is included in the openmrs war file

Download OpenMRS 1.4.7


Bug fixes included in this release


Error opening Proposed Concept page


Added ability to internationalize boolean fields (used by person attribute)

Also see Release Notes-1.4.6, Release Notes-1.4.5, Release Notes-1.4.4, Release Notes-1.4.3, Release Notes-1.4.2, Release Notes-1.4.1, Release Notes-1.4.0 for other changes in the OpenMRS 1.4 line.

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