2011-10-26 OpenMRS University

Recording: http://breeze.iu.edu/p19q65s3yxj/
Notes copied from Etherpad:

OpenMRS University
Today's topic: a demo of three of the new features in 1.9
1) More sophisticated ways to map OpenMRS to other terminologies
2) Multiple Providers per Encounter
3) Visits
Mapping Changes
Today:  Concept maps are stored as a simple association between a mapping source, a term, and a concept. 
1.9 :  Mapped terms are stored as Reference Terms.  Mappings will include a relationship type, such as "SAME-AS".    
In concept dictionary:  in the Mappings section, notice new field Relationship.  There are pre-defined relationships in the Concept Map type Management admin page. You can add more if desired.
In admin panel: new Concept management link for Reference Terms
See : org.openmrs.ConceptMap
Multiple Providers
Today: Encounter.provider points to a Person object - all providers had to have a user created to them and be assigned a provider role.  There can only be one provider per encounter.
In 1.9: There can be multiple providers for one Encounter.  Providers no longer require a User account.  They have their own table.
Providers have Attributes, so you can create whatever attributes are useful to your installation.   E.g. "Date Hired" for HR to use. 
The upgrade will automatically create Providers for any provider-persons listed in encounters.
New classes: org.openmrs.Provider, org.openmrs.ProviderAttribute, org.openmrs.ProviderAttributeType
Today:  An Encounter represents one specific interaction between a patient and a provider.  Historically that's been the equivalent of filling out one form.  It doesn't work well for something like a hospital stay, which would include multiple interactions. 
1.9 -   A Visit  lets you group related Encounters (e.g. a treatment, a lab, an xray).  They have a start and end date, an (optional)  location, and a visit type, which can be customized.  Encounters are then associated with visits.  Visits are optional; you can continue to use Encounters without Visits. 
New class:  org.openmrs.Visit
On the patient dashboard:  new Visit tab.   Encounters are grouped with their visit, and displayed in a little box.  Encounters with no visit are still displayed, but not boxed with any visit.