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Documentation Profiles

We've organized documentation around the different types of people that visit our community. Please find the profile below that most accurately describes your role and you will find the relevant documentation to get started.

  • Newcomers: interested in learning about and supporting OpenMRS. 
  • Users: healthcare professionals (clinicians, researchers, administrators, etc.) currently or interested in using OpenMRS. 
  • Implementers: supporting the installation, customization, and maintenance of OpenMRS Reference Application within a healthcare setting.
  • Developers: developing OpenMRS via writing source code or modules. 
  • Testers: identifying and analyzing bugs in OpenMRS.
  • Subject Matter Experts: helping with documentation and translations. 
  • OpenMRS FAQ
  • Tips and Tricks
  • OpenMRS Glossary
  • Documentation License

Getting Started

Like most software, OpenMRS contains unique terms and methods. Our Volunteer Guide can serve as a good starting point for you!

The most recent Getting Started as a Developer with OpenMRS can always be found on our Wiki .

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