Release Notes 2.11.0

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Introducing Reference Application 2.11.0

We are happy to introduce the Reference Application 2.11.0 to the community. The Reference Application 2.11.0 is based on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.3.2 Check  Platform Release Notes 2.3.2 and above for some of the bug fixes .

HighLights For Reference Application 2.11.0

  • OpenMRS platform 2.3.2

  • 43 modules Bundled

Release Date : 11/24/2020

Release Manager:Sharif Magembe

Release Manager Mentor :Moses Mutesasira

Release Manager Co-Mentor :tendo kiiza Martyn Juliet Wamalwa

Release Team Members: Daniel Kayiwa  Grace Potma  Moses Mutesasira tendo kiiza MartynHerbert Yiga Juliet Wamalwa

Note: This release Require java 1.8 


Special Thanks and Appreciation goes to all module owners and maintainers who tirelessly contributed to release of Reference Application 2.11.0

Special Thanks also goes to Daniel Kayiwa  Grace Potma  Moses Mutesasira  Burke Mamlin Ian Bacher  Mark Goodrich Dimitri RMike Seatontendo kiiza Martyn CLIFF GITA Herbert Yiga  Juliet Wamalwa For their Special Efforts towards Achieving this Release. and the entire community

Included Modules

The applications in bold below have had a new version included in this release

New Modules But Not Bundles


Module Name


1.SPA  module1.0.7

Unbundles Modules


Module Name


1.Name Phonetics1.17.0

Reference Application

Checkout Jira Issues  Here

Download OpenMRS Reference Application 2.11.0  From the Source Forge Reference Application 2.11.0 source Folder.


You can take a look at the  Implementers documentation

You can also see the Release management and Road Map

You also find the demo for the Reference Application at:

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